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Breast Reduction Denver

Breast Reduction Denver

Neck and back pain can be a constant companion for women who have large, heavy, or hanging breasts. They also may have to deal with bra-strap grooves in the shoulders and limitations of physical activity. Breast reduction surgery can play a significant role in reducing pain and discomfort, and helping to improve one's quality of life. Breast reduction surgery can be performed on one or both of the breasts and can give patients a new perspective on a living a pain/discomfort-free life.

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How is a breast reduction procedure performed?

The most common breast reduction procedures are done through an incision shaped like a keyhole that is placed around the areola, this allows for the removal of glandular tissue, excess fat and skin. If necessary, the areola can be reduced by removing skin around it. The surgeon can then bring the vertical incisions together to reshape the now smaller breast.

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What should a patient's expectations be?

The incision lines and the breasts leave permanent scars, the good news is most swim suits can easily hide them. The smaller breast shape will be much less painful to deal with for patients who have this procedure. They will also notice an increase in ability to participate in more physical activities.

What are the side effects and risks of breast reduction surgery?

As with any surgical procedure, there are always side effects and risks that a prospective patient would do well to consider. Swelling and discomfort are some of the most common side effects of reduction mammoplasty, which can be be managed with medication. Some of the other risks associated with breast reduction surgery include infection and poor healing at the incisions and blood pooling beneath the skin. Changes that the patient may experience in nipple or breast sensation are usually temporary and will pass.

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What should one expect from the breast reduction healing process?

In most cases we recommend wearing a sports bra to support the breasts for the first 3 weeks following a breast reduction procedure. To help limit blood clots and other complications we recommend that patients begin a light walk routine as soon as possible. Most light activity can usually be resumed within 10 days or less after the surgery. Healing after the procedure will continue for several weeks as the breast starts the process of re-shaping and settling.

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